When we throw a stone into a pond we expect to see a circle of rings as the impact of the stone on the water causes disturbance which ripple across the surface. When we act within an organisational system, like the ripples in the pond it can impact far beyond our immediate action. I wonder why it is we anticipate the ripples on the pond, but often fail to recognise how our actions can like the ripples on a pond reverberate through a human system? 

This website has been developed by Dr Alex Chard of YCTCS ltd. The site is intended to provide a link to systemic practice resources that relate to organisational development and inquiry.

Over the last twenty three years my consultancy practice has included working within a wide range of public sector contexts including work within children’s social care, education, youth work, criminal justice and within the voluntary sector. My current organisational inquiry and research contexts include conducting inter-agency case reviews where significant harm has been caused and in that context developing reflexive approaches to creating pan-organisational learning.

In my MSc. dissertation I conducted a systemic inquiry into the impact of government inspection on the management of a service. My professional doctoral thesis The Art of Organisational Development was on creating systemic change and development in public sector management with a particular focus on the development work I undertake with services and their management teams. I am also a visiting senior lecturer to the Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice at the University of Bedfordshire. My work at the University has also included contributing to the development of a systemic module for a Social Work Masters Programme. 

I am passionate about helping services to deliver positive outcomes for service users and co-creating professional knowledge from practice based inquiry and research.

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